topitspic The Topit is recognized as one of the most powerful utility devices in magic. However, in practical use, accuracy and consistency of the classic designs has always left something to be desired. Furthermore, having one properly installed has been virtually impossible, keeping this elusive idea out of the hands of all but a select few.
That has all changed. Four years ago, Lisa teamed up with world renowned magician, Jay Scott Berry to develop the new JSB Topit. Based upon Jay’s original design, she created a heavy-duty satin Topit that is now recognized as state-of the-art. In doing so, she helped launch a modern revolution in Topit use for practical, real-world, application.
Lisa also helped to create Jay’s Sleeve Pockets. These amazing utility gimmicks allow for the instantaneous production of coins and other small objects.
In addition to their manufacture, Lisa has installed the JSB Topits and Sleeve Pockets for over a hundred magicians around the globe. She is widely recognized as being the best in the world at performing this unique service.
To take advantage of this, please email for our touring schedule. Alternatively, you can arrange to send a jacket for complete Topit and Pocket installation.
Prices are very reasonable


lisa4 Lisa’s love for Magic and Theatre began as a small child in Brisbane. She recalls performing her first magic show at school camp. In her early teens, she was actively involved in the local magic club.
Her interest in costumes goes back just as far. At 6 years of age, she was already creating outfits for her Barbie dolls.
These two interests would form the foundation for a magical journey that has taken her across Australia and around the globe.
As a performer, Lisa is one of the few professional women magicians in the world. Over the years, she has entertained audiences from ages 3 to 93. From intimate private parties to large shows and festivals, her delightful characters are a refreshing blend of wonder and charm. She is equally adept at Close-up and Stage Magic, as well as elaborate Balloon Artistry and Face Painting.
Lisa is one of the top stars of the annual Palace of Magic Festival where her character, Colombine, has been a perennial favorite with children and adults alike. She has also appeared at Stirling Castle, Falkland Palace and The Gleneagles Hotel, just to name a few. In 2004, she starred with Jay Scott Berry and Mark Fisken on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the historic Georgian House.
As a costume designer, she has been equally prolific. In the field of Magic, she is unique in all the world. Her creative design skills coupled with her understanding of the secrets and methods of the Art give her an insight that no ordinary tailor could possibly possess. It is for this reason that she has now become one of the most respected costumers for magicians and theatrical performers worldwide.


duo For over 15 years, Lisa has been designing Magical costumes and Theatrical streetware. From unique shirts, dresses and trousers to elaborate jackets, capes and gowns, Lisa adds a mystical flare to every item she creates.
Lisa’s experience as a performer gives her a distinct advantage over the average tailor. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of the discerning magician have kept her in constant demand throughout the world.
From altering an existing jacket to the complete creation of an original costume, Lisa will work with you to develop something uniquely suited to your needs.
Please contact us for price quotes and further details


colombine2 A colourful, modern interpretation of the classic Harlequin character, Colombine has been delighting audiences with her unique blend of magic, comedy and balloon artistry for the last eight years. The result of an extraordinary combination of influences, from Medieval Costume, to Italian Comedia to the modern Cirque Du Soleil, Colombine brings a variety of skills to any event. At home with all ages, in groups of any size, she is equally appealing to kids or corporate executives.
As a close up magician, she brings a refreshing diversity to her craft, blending the skills of Magic, Comedy, Origami, Storytelling, and Poetry into a fascinating entertainment experience.
Always popular, Face Painting adds a colorful, carnival feel to any event. Children love to be painted as their favourite animals, scary monsters or beautiful princesses, or decorated with flowers, exotic landscapes, or stylish designs. With just a few brushstrokes, Colombine is able to magically transform children of all ages into whatever they desire, bringing a world of fun and fantasy to any occasion.
Expect outbreaks of mirth and merriment when Colombine brings out her basket of balloons. Balloon magic is for all ages. Colourful and lively, this fascinating art adds sparkle to any occasion. The eye catching balloon art includes many familiar animals and other intricate and lively creations, including amazing balloon hats, masks and entire costumes.