topitspic The Topit is recognized as one of the most powerful utility devices in magic. However, in practical use, accuracy and consistency of the classic designs has always left something to be desired. Furthermore, having one properly installed has been virtually impossible, keeping this elusive idea out of the hands of all but a select few.
That has all changed. Four years ago, Lisa teamed up with world renowned magician, Jay Scott Berry to develop the new JSB Topit. Based upon Jay’s original design, she created a heavy-duty satin Topit that is now recognized as state-of the-art. In doing so, she helped launch a modern revolution in Topit use for practical, real-world, application.
Lisa also helped to create Jay’s Sleeve Pockets. These amazing utility gimmicks allow for the instantaneous production of coins and other small objects.
In addition to their manufacture, Lisa has installed the JSB Topits and Sleeve Pockets for over a hundred magicians around the globe. She is widely recognized as being the best in the world at performing this unique service.
To take advantage of this, please email for our touring schedule. Alternatively, you can arrange to send a jacket for complete Topit and Pocket installation.
Prices are very reasonable