colombine2 A colourful, modern interpretation of the classic Harlequin character, Colombine has been delighting audiences with her unique blend of magic, comedy and balloon artistry for the last eight years. The result of an extraordinary combination of influences, from Medieval Costume, to Italian Comedia to the modern Cirque Du Soleil, Colombine brings a variety of skills to any event. At home with all ages, in groups of any size, she is equally appealing to kids or corporate executives.
As a close up magician, she brings a refreshing diversity to her craft, blending the skills of Magic, Comedy, Origami, Storytelling, and Poetry into a fascinating entertainment experience.
Always popular, Face Painting adds a colorful, carnival feel to any event. Children love to be painted as their favourite animals, scary monsters or beautiful princesses, or decorated with flowers, exotic landscapes, or stylish designs. With just a few brushstrokes, Colombine is able to magically transform children of all ages into whatever they desire, bringing a world of fun and fantasy to any occasion.
Expect outbreaks of mirth and merriment when Colombine brings out her basket of balloons. Balloon magic is for all ages. Colourful and lively, this fascinating art adds sparkle to any occasion. The eye catching balloon art includes many familiar animals and other intricate and lively creations, including amazing balloon hats, masks and entire costumes.